SPACE: 1999

Written by Kevin McCorry

In "The Taybor", intergalactic trader Taybor teleports Commander John Koenig aboard the S.S. Emporium, Taybor's spaceship, and Koenig likens what he sees in the S.S. Emporium to the exhibits of an art gallery.

Presented here is a gallery of images intended to function as an ancillary to The Space: 1999 Page. Due to the archival nature of most of this material, image quality in some cases may be of a standard somewhat lower than that for the main Space: 1999 Page.

A compilation of images of notable Space: 1999 guest stars. In top row, from left, are Christopher Lee, Judy Geeson, Peter Cushing, and Ian McShane. In middle row, from left, are Julian Glover, Brian Blessed, Leo McKern, and Joan Collins. In bottom row, from left, are Sarah Douglas, Stuart Damon, Hildegard Neil (Mrs. Brian Blessed), and Patrick Troughton.

The titling of five episodes of the first season of Space: 1999.

More images of the titling of first season episodes of Space: 1999.

Yet another five images of Space: 1999 first season episode titling.

Tony Cellini in the Ultra Probeship cockpit in "Dragon's Domain".

Pictured here are the titlings to five second season episodes of Space: 1999.

Another five images of the titling of episodes of Space: 1999- Season 2.

Further images of the titling of Space: 1999 second season episodes.

Four images from "The Metamorph".

Four images from "The Exiles".

Four images from "One Moment of Humanity".

Four images from "All That Glisters".

Four images from "Journey to Where".

Four images from "The Taybor".

Four images from "The Mark of Archanon".

Four images from "The Rules of Luton".

Four images from "Brian the Brain".

Four images from "New Adam, New Eve".

Four images from "The AB Chrysalis".

Four images from "Catacombs of the Moon".

Four images from "Seed of Destruction".

Four images from "The Beta Cloud".

Four images from "A Matter of Balance".

Four images from "Space Warp".

Four images from "The Bringers of Wonder".

Four images from "The Lambda Factor".

Four images from "The Seance Spectre".

Four images from "Dorzak".

Four images from "Devil's Planet".

Four images from "The Immunity Syndrome".

Four images from "The Dorcons".

In "Stormy Passage", personnel of Command Centre regard on the Command Centre main video screen the first waves of a colossal space storm through which Alpha is about to pass.

Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, and Catherine Schell being interviewed during production of "A Matter of Balance".

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